The Best Cycling Cameras in 2023 – Our Top Choices

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I tested seven different cycling cameras and found the Insta360 GO 2 to be best for capturing your cycling trips. 

After combing through countless reviews, I found that these are the best cycling cameras in terms of durability, quality, and convenience.

You might want to get a cycling camera for various reasons. It could be to simply vlog or have hard proof in case anything goes wrong on the road. Either way, you want to find the best cycling camera for your two-wheeled journey.

Keep on reading to find out more about my top picks for the best cycling cameras in 2023.

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The Best Cycling Cameras Overview

7 Top Best Cycling Cameras Reviews

Finding the best cycling camera for you might be tasking. That being so, looking through my reviews will give you a summarized version of which product might be the most suitable for your needs.

Insta360 GO 2 – Best Overall

The Insta360 GO 2 camera might be your best bet at capturing your point-of-view (POV). The camera is almost the size of your thumb. It could be ideal for your cycling trips. You can affix it to your handlebars or keep it on your helmet.

The lightweight cycling camera uses an app to allow you to see what you’re viewing from the camera. The camera’s software is user-friendly, making your editing process a breeze.

If you’re trying to add some flair to your videos with some cool edits, the Insta360 GO 2 might be ideal. You could add Hyperlapses, time-lapses, slow motions, and auto edit to your heart’s content.

There are numerous mounting options to choose from with the Insta360 GO 2. You could use a pivot stand on your handlebars or an easy clip on your helmet. You could also use a magnetic pendant, although it might not be best since it won’t be as secure as the other options.

Rainy days might not be an issue with this cycling camera. Since it’s waterproof, you could freely venture into drizzly weather.

If you’re wondering how you’ll charge the camera, all you need is the charging case. Not only can you use it for charging, but it could function as a tripod and remote control as well.


  • Lens Guard Available
  • Compatible with Android and IOS
  • Waterproof
  • Image Resolution: 1440p
  • Frame Rate: 30fps
  • 30 min Standalone run time.
  • 150 min Run time with charge case.


  • Convenient.
  • User-friendly editing.
  • Horizon lock leveling included.


  • Lacks a 4k resolution recording.

Best for who?

If you’re looking for a vlogging cycling camera, the Insta360 GO 2 might be more useful to use. Since its editing software is easily accessible and foolproof, you might not struggle as much if you were to use other cycling cameras.

We’d recommend getting this product if it’s your first time trying to vlog.

GoPro HERO8 – Best Resolution

We couldn’t write this list without mentioning a GoPro. With its succeeding reputation, you might find this product the most reliable compared to other cycling cameras.

Let’s talk about its design. If you’re looking for a tiny and aerodynamic build, this GoPro model might be an adequate fit.

Fidgeting with your camera to change your batteries or mount it might become too time-consuming. Fortunately for this product, the design includes a side door to make battery changes much easier. The folding fingers might also better assist you when mounting the bicycle camera.

Despite the GoPro being on the pricier side, you might get your money’s worth with this model’s high 4k and 1080p resolution.

Since the road could be riddled with heavy bumps, your cycling camera can easily fall and break its lens. Nevertheless, the GoPro HERO8 is equipped with a highly durable lens that could deter those issues.

It wouldn’t be a GoPro without a bunch of additional software features. From hyper smooth to time warp options, you could find several useful editing options to make your videos a little more interesting.

Its time warp option could give you the chance to speed up your videos and slow them down to real-time in the middle and then speed them back up again.

If you’re trying to catch the perfect image, you can make use of this product’s LiveBurst feature. It could videotape 1.5 seconds before and after your desired shot. You could also use your video recording and share it with your family, friends, or followers.


  • Image and Livestreaming Resolution: 1080p
  • Frame Rate: 30fps
  • Portrait and night shooting modes.
  • Maximum Focus: 24.4mm


  • Waterproof
  • Crystal clear quality.
  • LiveBurst option
  • High dynamic range


  • Might be too costly
  • The battery doesn’t last long.

Best for Who?

If you want to record your trips, whether for vlogging or safety purposes, this GoPro model could be well-suited to your needs. The camera can withstand brutal weather and bumpy roads well enough to provide you with high-quality images and videos.

Insta360 ONE R – Best for Vlogging

Unlike its GO 2 counterpart, the Insta360 ONE R has a 4k resolution option. If you’re looking to capture a 360-degree angle, you can interchange your lens with a 360 cam.

The cycling camera’s flow-state feature could stabilize all your shots. You could get blurry-less images and clear shots with this additional detail.

Apart from proper stabilization, your footage might also look more vibrant and inviting with its Color Plus feature. Even if it’s getting dark out, the Insta360 ONE R camera has a night mode option that’ll maintain your image and video’s crystal quality.

Riding a bike, your hands tend to be busy holding the handlebars. This cycling camera considers that. It uses a voice command where you can just use your voice to begin your shoot.

Using a bicycle camera is a great method to step up your road safety. The Insta360 ONE R’s loop recording might be useful if you happen to have an accident and want video proof.

If you’re not a fan of editing, this bicycle camera’s FlashCut feature might lessen the burden. The camera’s accompanying app could locate the best footage in your recordings, based on quality and theme, and edit them together.

The product offers bundle kits that come with several mounting options, like a selfie stick.


  • FlowState Stabilization
  • Slow Motion
  • Voice Commanded
  • 4K resolution
  • Weighs around 5.58 oz.


  • Waterproof
  • Interchangeable lens
  • High-quality images and videos
  • Easy editing software


  • You might struggle with trying to change its batteries.

Best for Who?

We could recommend this product for both amateur and advanced-level vloggers. If you’re a biking enthusiast and enjoy taking scenic shots, you could also use this product. The cycling camera is also ideal for safety purposes.

HLS HCAM10 Video Action Camera – Best Value for Money

This cycling camera could be used for all sorts of action shots. If you’re an adventure fanatic, the HLS model could be your best friend.

The Wi-Fi-enabled product can easily connect to its application and share your images and videos with all your friends and family.

You could immerse them in your biking trails with the 4K resolution provided. While it does offer a 1080p 4K resolution, it might not perform well at night. You might find your low-light videos less smooth than if you were to use other higher-quality action cameras like the GoPro.

Since biking involves a lot of shaking, the HLS video action camera has an Electronic Image Stabilization Feature (EIS). This addition can assist you with steadying your time-lapse and loop recording shots.

If you’re looking to capture a wider angle, this HLS model can cover a 170-degree wide-angle. This might provide a cinematic view for your viewers. If you’re unsure about correcting image distortions then it might be more difficult to make use of the 170-degree angle.

Apart from all of the special features you could use in this cycling camera, its price is also a significant plus. It’s more budget-friendly than most other action cameras in the market.


  • Image and Video Resolution: 1080p
  • Frame Rate: 30-60fps
  • Lens Angle: 170-degree wide angle
  • Wireless remote control provided.


  • Affordable.
  • Waterproof.
  • High-resolution images and videos.
  • Anti-shaking.


  • Lacks good microphone quality.

Best for Who?

If you don’t want to spend too much on a cycling camera, the HLS HCAM10 might be your best option. It’s cost-effective and an adequate choice for taking adventurous videos.

Drift Ghost X Action Camera – Best Battery Life

Battery life can sometimes make or break your purchase choice. If you’re looking between camera quality and battery life, a healthy balance of both is always the better option. The Drift Ghost X action camera might just give you that balance.

This cycling camera’s unique selling point is its long-lasting battery life. It can last up to five hours. If you’re looking for a reliable action camera, the Drift Ghost could fit the bill.

While it doesn’t have 4K shooting, you could still benefit from its 1080p camera resolution. Although the camera is on the cheaper side it provides a good battery life coupled with decent quality.

Since you’re getting an extended battery life, loop recordings are going to be a breeze. You might be able to record long periods, making it ideal for security.

Like most other cycling cameras, this product is also Wi-Fi enabled. You can easily move all your images and videos to your smartphone.

Once you mount this cycling camera, you can get a 300-degree rotatable angle. You can affix your camera on your handlebars or helmet for the perfect shot.

Another special feature this action camera provides is video tagging. If you have long footage and only want to get to the good part, this cycling camera can find those actionable moments for you.


  • Image and Video Resolution: 1080p
  • 300-degree rotatable angle.
  • Video tagging is available.
  • Option to plug in an external microphone.


  • User-friendly.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Five-hour battery life.


  • No 4K resolution.

Best for Who?

This cycling camera is best used for loop recordings. We highly recommend this option if you want a security camera latched onto your cycling or helmet.

Apart from its impressive battery life, the action camera also provides the option to sync with over 10 other cameras, amping up your safety precautions.

AKASO EK7000 – Best for Security

The AKASO EK7000 cycling camera offers numerous features at a reasonable price. The action camera has high-quality 4K and 1080p resolution that are comparable to the infamous GoPro action cameras.

Trying to capture focused videos and images can be troublesome when in action. You could use this cycling camera’s EIS feature to assist you in getting the unshakeable footage you want.

When it comes to this AKASO model’s controls, you can use its two-inch touch screen to your advantage. You can get a quick preview of your shots from its IPS touchscreen. You could also use the camera’s wireless wrist remote control.

When purchasing this battery-powered action camera, you also get several mounting options. You can attach the action camera to your arm, belt, or helmet. It has some detachable buckles.

While this camera has a high resolution, its color quality might not be as good. Its in-camera editing is also lacking in value.


  • Image stabilization
  • Image and Video Resolution: 4K and 1080p
  • Mounting options included.
  • Touch screen provided.


  • Waterproof
  • Budget-friendly
  • Comes with two additional batteries.
  • USB cable included.


  • Washed out color scheme.
  • Difficult on-camera editing.

Best for Who?

If you’re looking to catch some awesome images and videos for your friends and family, the AKASO model might be of help. This cycling camera could be helpful as a dashcam as well.

That being so, if you want to professionally vlog, its editing software and coloring scheme is somewhat lacking.

Dragon Touch 4K Action Camera – Best Price

The resolution provided by the Dragon Touch 4K action camera is almost comparable to higher-priced competitors such as the Insta360. You can get 60fps from a 1080p resolution as well as a 30fps from a 4K resolution.

The Dragon Touch 4K provides you with a large bundle kit. You could place this cycling camera in the included helmet and handlebar mounts. The camera also comes with a couple of batteries and a wrist remote control.

The action camera has some editing features as well. You can add a slow-motion edit and get a 4x zoom in.

Its design is similar to the GoPro range, making it easily compact and portable. While it may seem like a GoPro knock-off, its quality and build might make it a reliable purchase for you.


  • Comes with several mounting options.
  • Frame Rate: 30fps and 60fps
  • Image and Video Resolution: 1080p and 4K


  • Affordable price.
  • Waterproof.
  • Compact design.


  • It doesn’t have an application.

Best for Who?

This camera might be best suited if you’re looking to make some memorable images for your friends and family. If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to a GoPro, this might be it.

What To Consider Before Purchasing Your Cycling Camera

Before adding anything to your cart, you’ll need to look through a comprehensive buying guide. Here’s what you should consider before getting a cycling camera.


There are various mounting methods you can use on your cycling camera. Each one matters in its own way.

A helmet mount is a well-suited choice if you’re trying to capture your point of view. With regards to safety, this type of mount will prove the most advantageous to record any security issues you might face.

If you’re looking for a front seat view, a handlebar mount might be a great option. While it does have an exceptional vantage point, your images and videos are more prone to become blurry or unfocused due to the constant movements.

Battery Life

You can easily find a camera with a perfect resolution but underwhelming battery life. Always make sure to check your cycling camera’s battery life for your convenience’s sake.

Some action cameras provide detachable batteries, where you can carry extra when needed.

Image and Video Resolution

One of the top priorities you should consider, especially if you’re a vlogger, is your cycling camera’s image and video resolution. A stellar 4K and 1080p resolution with 30fps should give you the clear-cut quality you’re looking for.

Looping Quality

This consideration is most useful if you’re using your cycling camera for safety purposes. Loop recordings could assist you in always having a seeing eye on your bicycle without having to worry about adding storage space.

Connection and Compatibility

When checking for user-friendliness, you should check if your cycling camera is Wi-Fi enabled and works with an application. It’ll make things much easier for you.

Make sure your cycling camera is compatible with your smartphone type, whether you’re IOS or Android. Most action cameras are compatible with both.


If it’s a cycling camera it needs to withstand a rough trail speckled with mud or rain. Even with the best mounting gear, your camera could still fall. You need to look for a strong design that could take numerous falls. 

To Conclude

After looking through this list, you might be wondering which is the best for you. Well, each product differs in what it can offer. Nevertheless, We believe that the Insta360 GO 2 ranks higher than most other cycling cameras in the market. It provides one of the best resolutions and added special features.

We recommend going through our buying guide to give you a clearer image of what you should look for in a cycling camera. We hope you find the most fitting camera for your future trails.


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