9 best bikes for big guys and overweight riders in 2023

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If you’re in a hurry and want to know what the best bike for big guys is, then we recommend the Mobo Triton Recumbent Tricycle to be the best one. 

This is the review for the best bikes for big guys and heavy riders in 2023.

Finding your ideal bike size, especially if you’re overweight, can feel like a mission. 

I can tell you this from experience.

But don’t worry.

I’ve spent countless hours researching, testing, and selecting the best bikes for big guys on the market today, so you don’t waste your precious time doing it yourself.

So if you want to know:

  • The best overall bike for heavy people 
  • The best bike for each type 
  • The best bike for different conditions 
  • Things to keep in mind when buying a bike 

You’ve come to the right place.


Let’s dig in. 

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Best Bikes for Big Guys Overview 

  1. Mobo Triton Recumbent Tricycle (best overall)
  2. Mongoose Fat Tire (best fat-tired bike)
  3. Outroad Mountain Bike (best off-roading)
  4. Cargo Electric Bike (best electric bike)
  5. Schwinn Trike (best for leisurely biking)
  6. Tountlets Fat Tire (best for different speeds)
  7. Mongoose Malus (best for safety)
  8. Electric Snow Bike (best option for extreme weather)
  9. Vanell Trike (best customizable option)

9 Best Bikes For Big Guys And Heavy Riders Reviewed

Every bike has its unique features and aspects that set it apart. While one bike may be the best overall, each bike has other features that make it stand out. Our list here details these different features to help you get an overall idea of what the bike would work for. 

Mobo Triton – Best Overall

The three things that matter most when considering bikes for heavy riders: balance, comfort, and the ability to hold weight. 

Maybe we’re wrong, but who cares about the looks or how fast the bike can go when you’re experiencing balance problems and knee pain? 

Hence, the Mobo Triton. 

With three tires instead of two, you will NEVER have to worry about balancing your weight. 

The bike is also very low to the ground, making it easier on the frame and your body. 

If you’re a large rider, chances are you are experiencing back and knee problems while on your bike. 

Thankfully, the design of the Mobo Triton alleviates pressure from the knees and back. It’s chainless and sleek, therefore providing a comfortable ride every time. 

You probably thought this was only an adult bike, right?


The bike’s height range reaches from 4’2 to 6’3. 

Nearly anyone, child or adult, can experience the Mobo Triton. 



  • Low to the ground design makes it suitable for a higher weight
  • Three wheels can disperse weight more evenly 
  • Wide range of heights for any rider to enjoy
  • Chainless and no maintenance required 


  • The different design can take some getting used to 

Mongoose Fat Tire – Best Fat Tire Bike

Are you an outdoorsman who likes to conquer rough grounds?

Then this is the bike for you.

The Mongoose Fat Tire bike features large 4-inch tires that allow riders to conquer ANY terrain. 

The bike is ideal for off-roading and traversing rough grounds, and with the sturdy, heavy tires, you can be confident that it can handle holding hundreds of pounds while cruising! 

The bike even features seven different gears!

This means you can switch gears depending on the environment and the speed you want to go in. You have a lot of options here. 

The bike itself is EXTREMELY comfortable for those ranging from 5’6 to 6 feet tall. 

It even includes a warranty when you purchase. 

So, if you aren’t satisfied or something happens to your bike, you are insured. 

Can’t beat it!


  • Strong, thick tired can handle bigger riders
  • Seven different gears to help you stay comfortable on every terrain 
  • Warranty included 
  • It comes in a variety of colors 
  • Ideal for outdoorsmen and those who like to conquer rough grounds 


  • This is not ideal for those looking for a leisurely bike 

Outroad Mountain Bike – Best Off-roading 

Quite similar to the Mongoose Fat Tire bike, the Outroad Mountain Bike also features thick, hefty tires that can hold a large amount of weight, making it suitable for heavy riders. 

But again, this bike is more ideal for off-roading and rough conditions, so if you’re into leisurely riding, then consider the other options.

But there’s one thing I quite like about this bike…

Its impressive capability to handle extreme temperatures. 

It can EASILY handle snow, rain, and other weather. This means you are not limited to just riding out in summer where the sun is out. 

Due to its off-roading capabilities, the larger wheels and sturdy base mean that this bike can handle a BEATING. So if you’re a bigger guy looking for a bike that can handle your weight, this is a suitable option. 

What’s more, the non-slip aspect of the bike prevents riders from falling and getting injured. This bike takes into account safety and ease of use. 

No more falling over and breaking your arm. 

The downside would be that this bike is not suitable for casual riders. 

So if you’re looking for a bike to commute to work or just to ride around the park, this may not be the best option for you.


  • Massive tires can handle bigger riders 
  • Wide height range for all sizes 
  • Great off-roading and heavy-duty bike 
  • Non-slip features to prevent falling 


  • Not for casual riders 
  • Installation times include 

Cargo Electric Bike – Best Electric Bike 

Fancy electric bikes?

This could be a great option for bigger guys. 

The FACT that it’s electric means that the bike itself is quite sturdy and heavy, and the extra weight from the bike allows it to support a higher weight. A normal bike wouldn’t be able to accommodate a heavier rider. 

Plus, the brakes are very safe and effective, resulting in a safer ride. 

The electric capacity is also ideal as it can be easier to get around in. You don’t have to do much work besides steering – no pedaling required. It also has a small basket across the front for holding smaller items while riding, allowing you to bring your belongings with you. 

The bike can reach between 18-25 MPH and can last for almost 30 miles before needing a charge. The battery itself is also waterproof, ensuring the weather will not damage it. 


  • An electric bike is more comfortable to get around in 
  • Sturdy enough for heavier bodies 
  • Safe brakes 
  • Convenient for all ages 


  • Electric bikes take away the pedaling aspect, so don’t get this bike if you enjoy that.
  • Some users found it difficult to install

Schwinn Trike – Best For Leisurely Biking 

Similar to the Mobo Triton, the Schwinn Trike is an excellent option for heavier riders because the two back wheels can handle a heavier loan than one single wheel could. 

The trike also has a wide height range. Riders will feel comfortable on the bike as low as 5’4 and as tall as 6’2. So don’t feel limited by your height. 

The handlebars of this bike are sturdy enough to literally carry another ENTIRE person while riding. Perfect for heavier riders. 

The adjustable seat allows for a wide range of users to feel safe and secure while riding.

What most people also LOVE about this bike is the huge basket along the back to carry any necessities or extras. 

The bike also comes in a single-speed, a three-speed, or a seven-speed option, allowing you to adjust your speed depending on the situation you’re in. 

A warranty is also included to cover damages and other complications. 


  • Three wheels can hold a heavier load than two can
  • Basket for extra carrying 
  • Handlebars can handle excess weight as well 


  • Very short or very tall people may not find this suitable. 

Tountlets Fat Tire – Best For Different Speeds 

The Tountlets Fat Tire bike is specifically designed with larger bodies in mind.

Unlike the other bikes mentioned in this article, this one includes 12 different gears for you to pick from, allowing you to traverse any environment!

It has 26-inch tires that are 4 inches wide. The extensive and hefty tires can hold a large amount of weight, making them ideal for heavy riders like you and me 🙂

On top of that, the tires also allow for safe riding on snow, dirt, and more. The steel frame is sturdy and supportive, sure to handle larger roads. 

With this bike in your hands, you will NEVER have to worry about weighing too much for your bike. 


  • Large tires and steel frame are made to hold heavier weights 
  • 12 different gears for traveling in any area 
  • Can handle any kind of environment 


  • A hefty duty bike that is not for leisurely riding 

Mongoose Malus – Best For Safety

The Mongoose Malus has 26-inch wheels that are 4 inches wide. The thick wheels ensure that the bike can handle a heavy weight and won’t fail under pressure. 


The feature that makes this bike stand out from the others is the brakes. 

It includes front and back mechanical disc brakes that are great for stopping efficiently and safely, ensuring you are safer on the road and are able to stop in time in time of danger. 

The bike also comes in multiple colors, meaning you can choose based on your preferences. 

Bigger guys and larger riders can feel comfortable on the Mongoose Malus as it can handle nearly any size. 


  • Able to handle heavy riders 
  • Thick, durable tires 
  • Efficient braking 


  • Not suitable for small or petite people 

Electric Snow Bike – Best Option For Extreme Weather 

The Electric Snow Bike reaches miles of up to 22 MPH. The thick and wide tires are capable of handling large amounts of weight for extended periods of time. 

The battery also displays the percentage as well as your mileage, which can be useful for those who like to track their progress.

The electric aspect is also cost-effective, and the bike can be turned on and off to save energy. 

The electric snow bike is ideal in rough conditions and can glide smoothly through harsh weather. The steel frame and added weight from the battery make this great for heavier riders.

If you find that you enjoy riding in the snow and rougher weather conditions, you should consider the Electric Snow Bike. 


  • Perfect for snow and other weather 
  • Can handle heavier weights due to its durability 
  • Can reach 22 MPH 


  • Removes the pedaling aspect for those that enjoy exercise 

Vanell Trike – Best Customizable Option

The Vanell Trike is an adult tricycle that has three wheels to disperse weight. The bike requires little maintenance and has seven different speeds, allowing you to adjust to any environment. 

The large basket in the back also provides a storage element that can be helpful while riding. The tricycle design is great for those looking to feel comfortable while riding while heavier. 

The trike also comes in a wide variety of colors. The riders can choose based on their preferences rather than what’s available. You can match the bike’s color to our own life, making the Vanell Trike the most customizable bike out of our choices here. 


  • Disperse weight evenly  
  • Many color options available 
  • Seven different speeds 


  • Tricycles may not be suitable for all riders, especially those who prefer two wheels. 

Buying Guide 

While buying a bike may seem straightforward, many actors that go into picking the perfect one for you. If you’ve never purchased a bike before or haven’t in a long time, there are a few different things to keep in mind when you’re on the lookout. 

Weight Requirements 

There are a few things to keep in mind when searching for the best bikes for bigger guys. First of all, you want to make sure that the bigger bikes will indeed be able to support your weight. 

It’s essential that you either contact the seller directly or read the reviews in order to get an idea of the weight range that the bike has to offer. There’s nothing worse than buying a bike you were interested in only to feel unsafe while riding due to your size. 

Read Reviews 

Speaking of reviews, those are helpful when purchasing in general. It can be extremely beneficial to read through past reviews to get a feel of the product and find whether customers were happy or not.

If the bike has overwhelmingly negative reviews, we can conclude that it may not be the best fit. 

Remember The Build 

Keep the build of the bike in mind. A three-wheeled bike or a bike with large, industrial tires are going to be better suited at holding heavyweights than a flimsy, leisurely bike would be.

It’s critical to remind yourself that certain materials and makes of bikes will be sturdier and thus able to hold your weight better. 

Don’t Settle 

Don’t settle on the first bike you see! The options are endless here. Make sure you compare and contrast the wide variety of bikes available in order to find the best one for you. While a bike may technically be a great bike for bigger guys, it may not be the best bike for you personally. 

Do Your Own Research 

While there are always other reviews to get a gist of the product, it’s essential to do your own research. Researching and reviewing the product on your own is crucial in order to find out exactly what the bike entails.

Some reviews may be biased or leave out essential aspects of the bike. Doing research means you get the entire picture, both the good and the bad, and can make a correct choice. 

Your Reason For Riding 

A bike being a great bike but not for you personally may be in regards to the purpose of the bike. Some bikes may be suited for off roading and heavy usage, while others may be more useful in leisurely activities. 

Make sure you pick your bike based off of the activities you’d like to use it for. 

Some Problems You May Encounter 

Problems you may run into when you purchase a bike for bigger guys is that a larger bike may mean that it isn’t suitable for shorter guys. You should always check that the bike you’re interested in is capable of meeting not only your weight requirements but your height requirements as well. 

Other Features 

While, of course, the weight requirements are an important factor to keep in mind while looking for a weight-friendly bike, there are other features that may be beneficial to look for as well. 

If you’re interested in things such as a wide gear variety or a basket, make sure to look for those on your bike. Things like color and material are also other factors that you should keep in mind. 


When thinking of a bike, most people think of a bicycle – two wheels, that is. While certain two-wheeled bikes are capable of holding a large amount of weight, bikes with more wheels disperse weight more evenly. 

A three-wheeled trike can more efficiently and safely carry a larger weight than a two-wheel bicycle. It’s important that you weigh the pros and cons of a tricycle versus a bicycle and pick yours accordingly. 


It’s important to keep in mind the longevity of the bike you want to purchase. While a bike may seem capable of handling heavier weights, it’s crucial to consider how long the bike itself will last. 

A bike made of heavier steel and sturdier materials is sure to last years longer than one made of flimsy and cheaper material. Sometimes purchasing a pricier, fancier bike is worth it in the end, as it lasts for twice the amount of time.  


What kind of bike supports a bigger guy? 

There are actually quite a lot of bikes that work well for bigger riders! Those with more than two wheels can be ideal as they are able to disperse the weight over more area. Bikes that are made for off roading and harsh activities are also great for bigger riders as they need to be built sturdy. 

How much weight do bikes carry? 

Each bike is different! One bike may be able to handle only 200 pounds while another can handle 400. Each bike has different features so you should be sure to check the reviews and description in order to find out how much weight a bike can carry. 

How do I know if I need a bike that supports bigger riders?

If you’ve ever ridden your current bike and felt unsafe or like you may break it in some way, you may need to consider a bike for bigger rides. Some bikes are not designed for those that are larger, so they may not have you in mind. Finding a bike that actually takes into account the size of its riders may be beneficial. 

How do I choose a bike? 

Choosing a bike can be a difficult process. It’s helpful to know which features you’d like to have in your bike before you begin looking. Things like a trike versus a bike, basket or no, mountain bike or leisurely bike, etc., are great things to know before buying. 

How do I know if a bike is a good one? 

Reading reviews and product descriptions for every bike can help you get the general idea of each one. A good product will be able to sell itself. If you are unsure about a certain bike after reading through its description and reviews, it may mean that that bike is not the one for you. 

To Wrap It Up

So there you have it…

The best bikes for big guys and heavy riders.

In the end, buying a bike is actually a personal and unique experience. Each bike has its own aspects and features that make it stand out from another. A larger person may find that a certain type or make of bike works better for their body. 

With that saying, the Mobo Triton is the objective winner of my research and testing for the best bikes for big guys in the market today. 

But ultimately, my job is to give you a non-biased review. 

The choice is yours at the end of the day.

Keep in mind that, being heavy or overweight should not put you off from riding bikes. It’s perfectly possible and doable to enjoy cycling while also being overweight. 

You just have to find the right bike. 

So take your time, read the article carefully, and make that final choice.

Happy biking!

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