Best Bike wheel lights in 2023 – Be seen!

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If you’re in a hurry and want to know what the best bike wheel light is, then we recommend Bright Spokes Premium LED to be the best one. 

This is the review for the best bike wheel lights in 2023.

I mean, why not right?

Why not be extra seen on your bike, AND look cool?

It’s a win-win. 

Now you might be interested in buying one, that’s why you’re here, but the problem is, it might be hard to decide which ones are good and which ones are bad. There are hundreds of crappy lights out there that may only SEEM good. 

But luckily for you, I’ve spent several hours researching, testing, and selecting the best bike wheel lights on the market today, so you don’t waste your time doing it yourself. 

So if you want to know

  • What the best bike wheel light is
  • Other alternatives to the best one
  • Things to keep in mind when buying a bike wheel light

Then you’ve come to the right place.

Let’s get started!

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Best Bike Wheel Lights Overview 

Buying Guide – Things To Consider When Buying A Bike Wheel Light

Before you dive into the best bike wheel lights below, there are a few things you should consider that would make your purchasing decision MUCH easier. 


Not all bike wheel lights have the same battery. Some don’t even have batteries at all. 

Generally speaking, you will find that most bike wheel lights out there have standard AA/AAA batteries or rechargeable batteries. 

Which one do you prefer?

If you ask me, I prefer lights that can be charged through a USB cable as it is the most convenient for me. But this is all down to preference at the end of the day, so decide on what will work the best for you!

If you’re like me, and you favor USB charging ability, then Bright Spokes would be a perfect option for you. If not, consider the other options. 

Thinking about the battery LIFE as well as the type of battery is also important. Most bike wheel lights have a battery duration of about 10 hours, which is pretty decent. But there are also ones, such as the Wheelbrightz LED light, that have an impressive battery life of about 48 hours.  

If you’re one of those who often go on extremely long rides, then look out for lights that have an above-average battery life, as it would be more suitable for you. If you’re just a casual cyclist like me, then most lights out there do the job.


For the majority of bike wheel lights out there, you don’t just turn on the light and the color just stays the same all the time. 

They include different modes for you to play around with, such as a flashing mode. 

But ultimately, this depends on the situation you’re in. If you urgently need more attention on the road, switching on the flashing mode will be more useful, as it will grab more attention. 

If you’re just riding casually, you can enjoy your ride in simple steady mode. 

It’s all down to preference and the type of situation you’re in, but you’re better off buying a bike wheel light that has the option for different modes. 


This is a must. 

Every cyclist has been caught in the rain before. 

And the last thing you want is for your bike wheel light to stop working mid-way through your ride, only because it is soaking wet.

But don’t worry. All the lights we’ve reviewed in this article are waterproof. 


As it is with everything, you get what you pay for. 

Higher quality lights will be more expensive, whereas lower quality ones will be cheaper. 

If you’re on a budget, you can opt for the cheaper ones, but remember that they may not last as long. 

5 Of The Best Bike Wheel Lights Reviewed 

All of the wheel lights on this list meet my personally high standards and come highly reviewed online. Check out the different options to discover the light that checks off everything on your list.

Bright Spokes Premium LED Light

This premium LED light by Bright Spokes is one of the brightest wheel lights on the market today. 

Probably even the brightest. 

But the one thing I LOVE about this product is the fact that it’s fully rechargeable through a USB cable. This means you will NEVER have to spend money on batteries again, saving you lots of money AND time. 

What’s more, this bike wheel light is extremely durable. It’s designed with a strong silicon tube cover, ensuring the light doesn’t break easily the next day you buy it (as it is with most lights out there). 

The light is also waterproof and can be used in any weather condition. This means you can ride it in the rain, snow, or whatever may hit you during the day. The last thing you want is for your light to stop working mid-way through your ride in the rain. That would be very disappointing. 

The installation is not a headache, and the light comes with three light modes; Single Color Mode, Automatic Color Change Mode, and Pattern Shuffle Mode. So you have a lot of options here. 

It’s designed to fit on almost any type of bike wheel, including folding bikes, so don’t feel limited by the type of bike you have. 

For the downside, although the installation is straightforward, some users found it a little time-consuming, mostly because you have to zip tie the lights to the spokes. But most people don’t have a problem. Also, I would’ve preferred if the lights were sold in pairs. So if you want it on both wheels, you need to buy two. 

But all in all, amazing product. 


  • Easy to install
  • Super bright, vibrant colors 
  • USB charger – no need for batteries
  • Waterproof 
  • Comes in several different colors
  • Great quality 
  • Lasts long 


  • Not sold in pairs
  • Some people find installation a little time-consuming 

Activ Life LED Light

Next comes the LED light by Activ. 

This is one of the better ones on the list. 

Although it may not be rechargeable using a USB like the first one, it at least comes with the batteries needed in the package, so you can use it STRAIGHT out the box. No need to go out and spend extra money on a battery right away. 

Like the first one, the Activ LED light is also SUPER bright and comes with a variety of colors to choose from. Combine these with a pair of headlights and you will never lack visibility on the road. 

Plus, you have an option to switch it to either constant or flashing mode. This ensures you get maximum attention, making you safer on the road.

This light is probably the easiest to install. There are absolutely no tools required, and there is even an installation video to make things extremely easy for you, without stress. Get your hands on this product and you can set it up in minutes, ready to go!

Thought this was only for kids’ bikes? 

You’re mistaken. 

The Activ LED lights fit any bike ranging from 12” toddler bikes to 29” adult bikes. 

Nearly anyone, child or adult, can experience the Activ LED lights. 


  • Requires AAA batteries 
  • Compatible with wheel sizes between 12 and 29 inches


  • Waterproof 
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Super bright
  • Different modes
  • Comes with the required batteries
  • Both for kids and adults 


  • Not possible to control the color; only on/off switch. 

Sumree LED Light

Looking for a birthday present? Or a Christmas present?

This could be the perfect option.

In contrast to the others, this product comes with beautiful packaging. The colorful box can make it appealing for young boys and girls during their birthday or during Christmas time!

Just like most other lights, this product is waterproof, ensuring you’re safe to ride during the rain. The company also offers an 18-month warranty, so you should be covered in case of any manufacturing defects. 

Although it looks more appealing towards kids, this product is suitable for adults too. It fits almost any bike between 12 and 29 inches. Both adults and kids can enjoy the Sumree LED light. 

Now for the downside…

The most common complaint I get from this product is that it is slightly harder to install. This is because there are no clips. The wire needs to be wrapped around tightly around the spokes. 

However, some people have no problem installing. 


  • Waterproof 
  • Beautiful packaging 
  • Especially good for gifts 
  • Decent quality 
  • A variety of colors to choose from
  • Comes with batteries


  • Slightly harder to install 
  • Can’t change the color using a button; you only get the color you order
  • The battery didn’t last as long as the others. 

Tinana LED Bike Wheel

The Tinana LED bike wheel is another AMAZING product for your bike. 

It consists of 20 pcs of bright LED lights, making you extremely visible and safe on the road. These are the ones I’ve tried before on my bike, and I can tell you know, THEY ARE FRICKIN BRIGHT. 

What I appreciate about this product is that each box contains lights for BOTH of your wheels. This is in contrast to the others, where you have to buy two if you want it on both wheels. So, you’re saving some money here. 

It also has a decent battery life of around 8-10 hours. This ensures you can use it throughout the day without the worry of your battery running out in the middle of your ride. 

Just like the others, this product is waterproof and very durable during harsh weather conditions, including snow. So don’t feel limited to only using it during calm weather. 

This baby fits almost all bicycles 16 inches or above, but there are a few exceptions.  

It’s NOT suitable for bikes with wide spokes or sparse spokes, as well as electric bikes with fat tires. So, if you own a type of bike like this, consider the other options on the list. 

Plus, unlike the Activ Life LED and the Sumree LED light, this doesn’t come with the batteries included. It works with an AAA 1.5v battery, so you would need to own one of these before you can use it. 

But, hey, although it doesn’t include a battery, it comes with two pieces in one box that you can use on both wheels. So, it’s not that bad of a deal. 

Keep this all in mind when making your purchase.


  • Waterproof
  • Bright and colorful 
  • Can be used in any weather conditions 
  • Great looks 
  • Replaceable battery 


  • Cheaper quality compared to others 
  • Wires could be a little thicker 
  • Not suitable for bikes with fat tires or wide spokes 

Wheelbrightz LED Bicycle Wheel Lights

Looking for a kit that has an especially long battery life?

Look no further. 

This LED wheel light from Wheelbirghtz uses 3 AA batteries (not included) that last up to a whopping 48 hours of glow, ensuring a confident, enjoyable ride without thinking about battery life. 

Included in this kit is seven feet of weather-resistant tubing, which further includes 20 micro LED lights with dazzling colors, making sure you look both cool AND extremely visible on your bike. 

With the seven feet tubing, this light can easily fit wheels of between 20 and 29 inches. 


You also have the option to cut the size or spiral within the wheel to find YOUR perfect, precise fit. 

The materials are very sturdy, and the battery case is thick plastic, therefore offering protection against any debris you might hit. It’s also water/weather-resistant, which makes it suitable to use during harsh weather conditions. 

The package includes everything you need to set it up and ready to go! 

For the downside, some users have reported that replacing the battery can pretty much be a pain in the ass. 

This is because the battery casing is held shut by four screws which can be pretty difficult and time-consuming to open every time you need to replace your battery. 

We would also like to see more versatile mounting options. Currently, this is designed more towards wheels with many spokes that cross over, so if your wheel has a lower spoke count, it may be a slight issue for you. 

So keep this all in mind when making your purchase. 

All in all, these drawbacks are not a dealbreaker and I would consider the Wheelbrightz LED light as one of my options. 

Final Verdict

So there you have it!

The best bike wheel lights of 2023!

Everyone’s preferences may vary, but the Bright Spokes LED light is the objective winner of my research and testing. 

It’s super bright, very durable, comes in many different colors, and above all, it can be charged using a USB!

I hope this article has helped you make your final decision. 

Look at all the options, research them yourself if you want to go in-depth, and make that final choice!

Happy biking!

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